Stephen Hawking dies at 76, the scientist telling the mysteries of the universe!

You probably know about Bigbang Theory. Our world, the galaxies, the solar system and the whole planet are in existence because of the Big Bang. Over the years, scientists have come to believe that it is the first time that Bigbang was born in this world and due to which the entire universe emerged. Now the world’s famed scientist Stephen Hawking has opened the secret that the whole world wants to know from the years. Stephen Hawking has recently said something about Bigbang’s world, knowing that science is astonished.

Stephen Hawking unveils: 13.8 billion years ago, the universe began to grow at a very small size. Then, with a lot of temperature and force, its size started increasing. After this, the molecules started getting together. At first, their size increased and then their disruption began, from which all the stars, planets and galaxies came into existence. That was Bigbang, which made our world, and the size of today’s universe is gradually increasing. This is known only about the scientific universe of the whole world, but what was before this Bigbang or how the world was, so far the scientist has not learned anything, and no result of the scientists’ debate has been found. In the meantime, World’s Famous Scientific Stephan Hawking has revealed on TV show StarTalk that what used to be the end of Bigbang was before.

What Stephen Hawking said: The scientist Stephen Hawking talked to the host of this show and Astro Physicist Neil Degras, who said what was before Bigbang, I have to say that it was as simple as complex Because in reality there was nothing before Bigbang. Hawking said that according to Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, Spaces and Time together have created status and a never-ending cycle of time in the world, but in reality, it is not light-hearted, but the pressure of energy and material matter The reason is that they are strung together. Here is the reason that it is not easy to understand.

Stephen Hawking told that Bigbang’s first ‘time’ was not even existent:  St John Hawking has kept a fairly new idea about the world before Bigbang, which is shocking. They say that Bigbang’s first time was that there was no existential time. He says that according to the theory of Einstein, all physical substances and energy present in the world at the time of the evolution of the universe were concentrated on very small spaces, but their theory does not reveal any mathematical link between the condition before and after Bigbang.

Stephen Hawking’s Theories are Surprising to the World:  Although Stephen Hawking has already said a lot about our world and our future. As if he believes that we will not eliminate any aliens, but instead of artificial intelligence created by science, we will replicate it on Earth. They also have to say that humans should quickly leave the earth in a hurry. Logical of Stephen Hawking, even though ordinary people do not understand many times, but scientists consider their brain to be iron.

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