SpaceX, an aerospace company has launched the SpaceX and achieved a milestone. It was the 50th Falcon 9, record-sized rocket. SpaceX has a two-hour launch window and it started from 12.33 AM EST from Cape Canaveral, Florida, when half of America was asleep.

SpaceX is a company that was facing bankruptcy in 2008, due to consecutive three failures. And now, the company is about to launch its record breaker rocket.

The CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk gave information that the Falcon 9 was carrying the Hispasat 30W-6, a bus-sized satellite that would reach up to Geostationary Transfer Orbit. The satellite is the largest satellite that would be launched in the orbit and the weight will be around six metric tons. About 33 minutes, the rocket’s upper portion deployed the satellite and some 22,300 miles from the Earth.

The Hispasat is a Spanish company that manufactures satellite. Falcon 9 carried the 50 launches tonight, carrying Hispasat for Spain. The Hispasat 30W-6 will be the largest geostationary satellite that will demonstrate the broadband internet service and assist in to offer broadband and television coverage to North America, Europe, and North Africa. It would be for 15 years in the orbit.

SpaceX considered trying to save the vehicle at one point. The satellite was scheduled to launch on February 26 from the same place. But due to some disturbances, the launch was shifted to 6th March. The place, Florida was decided as in case of failure the satellite would fall the Atlantic Ocean.

Elon Musk twitted that all goes well and the launch was successful. The satellite was launched successfully in the orbit of Earth. This launch joined as one of the strings of major successes for the company SpaceX. The launch of SpaceX will be broadcasted on the YouTube channel of the SpaceX.