Officials deferred Medina pharmacy’s license for manipulating drugs, the report claims

Pharmacy in Ohio, Medina pharmacy found to be guilty while supplying manipulated drugs to its customers. Ohio Board of Pharmacy immediately canceled their license as they were found sinful for giving wrong labels to the medicines and supplying expired drugs. The pharmacy didn’t even care to keep proper reports of the drugs and injection soled.

This irresponsibility may have a dangerous effect on the society, the Ohio Board officials stated. Owner of Clinical Apothecaries, Inc., Jeffrey Potter was given a warning letter with a reason stating why his pharmacy’s license was deferred.

Even after receiving the suspension letter asking to stop the supply until all the drugs are been tested, Potter continued to sell sterile compounds. Hence, pains to reach Potter was mere a wastage of time. Potter was questioned regarding the process of supplying drugs to the pharmacy.

The letter of suspension was issued to Potter on Friday, January 5th but he declined to accept the letter and procured with the supply of documents. The number that was found on the company’s website was an Avon-based drug company that provided a great assistance to the patients admitted in the Clinical Apothecaries.

It was later revealed that they use the method of combining, amalgamating, mixing, adulterating, regenerating and altering the drugs to make their sell easier and not even thinking about patient’s health.

The letter of suspension also stated that pharmacy was not in the state to arrange for the equipment’s used for testing the drugs and formulae and procedures used for preparing them. The formulae used were incomplete, inaccurate and altered.

Officials also blame Potter was storing the drugs and injections improperly. All the active repackaged active injections and drugs were found to be stored in an ice cream container. Potter will be appealing for case hearing post 30 days of the legal notice sent.

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