James Damore is one of the former employees of the tech giant company Google fired for raising his questions against the diversity policies of the company through the medium of a memo. The engineer has now filed a lawsuit against the company for discrimination based on colour and conservatives. Coincidently on the same day, another giant company Twitter saw a lawsuit filed against them by their former publisher Charles C. Johnson who was banned in 2015. These lawsuits clearly indicate the political sensibilities prevailing in the corporate tech giant companies stating that the favouritism is clearly visible to the liberals. The conservatives consider that the biasness is the part of the corporate culture in many such organizations and impacting people like them. This incident is directly linked with the “unite the Right” rally which was executed in the month of August to curb down the displaying of hate videos on their respective platforms.

The lawsuit filed by James Damore highlight the primary problem of discrimination against people who have traditional views on any topics like politics, or describing the employment policies related to corporate culture, their hiring policies or any other sensitive issues. The company would avoid such employees and mistreat so that they could be terminated from the organization without giving an opportunity to raise their concerns and question the management about the situational behaviour and treatment. The termination of James Damore was the ultimate result of the memo published by him a few months back in July which caught the attention of the wide range of audience when it was disclosed outside the company in the month of August. There were allegations about the discrimination against women based on less number of women employees in the organization considering them to be less competent.

This resulted in immediate termination of James Damore when the memo got so much attention from the audience beyond the organizational boundaries. Charles C. Johnson faced the similar situation which led to termination and deactivation of his account from Twitter when he raised his voice for black lives matter activities and tried to raise money through his tweets. The tweets made by Johnson were including allegations for conducting an investigation risking the public reputation of DeRay McKesson who is an activist. He also claimed that the allegations raised against him about the suspension of his account were illogical and subjective in nature and the main intention of the company is to curb his voice and opinions against the discrimination issue. Twitter maintained silence against the lawsuit until now since the news of the lawsuit broke across all news channels.