There are new revelations made about the ride-hailing giant of using a software system to distract police raids during spring 2015 to late 2016 in different foreign countries. The Uber technology is one of the giant organizations in the ride-hailing sector which was caught in many different controversies during the last year. This year seems the same for the ride-hailing giant in relation to controversies which continues to haunt the company with this new issue of distracting the police raids using a specially designed software system. The controversy involves usage of a protocol by Uber’s office in San Francisco which is internally called as “Ripley” many times to cause the distraction. According to this software system, the staff members can easily change the password of their systems remotely and lock all the crucial data stored on the smartphones owned by the company or any other electronic systems like laptops and desktops shutting the whole device once for all.

This won’t allow the regulatory authorities to access the required information or data from the company systems and avoid the raids in an effective manner. The usage of the software system Ripley was evident during the raid conducted by Revenue Quebec at the office located in Montreal in 2015. An ex-employee of Uber technologies, Ward Spangenberg, confessed in a sworn statement to the judiciary to be a part of the incident response team at Uber who would erase all the data related to the raid. These allegations were directly denied by the company and stated that they don’t indulge in any such activities of deleting data. The development of the software system Ripley was conducted after the police were able to gain access to all the crucial information related to the payments of the organizations, their financial statements and all the details of the drivers during their raid in Brussels’ office in March 2015 and during the same time in Paris.

The IT department of Uber Technologies developed this system Software after the raids in Brussels and Paris on the suggestion of Sally Yoo who was the general counsel for Uber Technologies until September 2017. The attorney of Uber’s ex-manager responsible for handling global intelligence department Richard Jacobs alleges that Uber technologies have developed various system software to hide all the necessary documents, data, and evidence from the site of the investigation authorities which includes usage of encryption secret services and development and usage of different messaging apps. This 37-page letter was disclosed in public after the controversy aroused between Waymo and Uber related to the theft of self-driving technology details by an ex-employee of Waymo who later joined Uber Technologies.