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Nestle hits pet care market of India, plans to expand in number of folders

Nestle, the Swiss food, and beverages company decide to entire and flourish pet market in India, the company made an announcement. Nestle is known for its world famous fast food brands and beverages such as Maggie, Nescafe,

Airborne particles may affect powerful storms immensely, the scientific study claims

Growing air pollution due to the discharge of carbon dioxide gas from vehicles not only lead to the greenhouse effect and global warming but also influences storms, the new scientific study led down by the researchers at

Burning one cigarette a day increases the risk of heart attack and heart stroke, study claims

The habit of smoking even one cigarette in a day may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and heart stroke, the recent study published in the BMJ medical journal claims. One cigarette may

NASA mechanizes compact nuclear reactor to support astronauts on distant planets

Staying on a distant planet for a longer period of time is a challenging task. But if astronauts are provided with necessary stuff then surviving there is not a big deal for them. To have a successful

Officials deferred Medina pharmacy’s license for manipulating drugs, the report claims

Pharmacy in Ohio, Medina pharmacy found to be guilty while supplying manipulated drugs to its customers. Ohio Board of Pharmacy immediately canceled their license as they were found sinful for giving wrong labels to the medicines and

‘chaiOS’ can hang up your iPhone as soon as you are redirected to a website link

Apple iOS smartphones are detected with a bug that can hang up or start over your phone as soon as you are readdressed to a typically designed website link. Abraham Masri was the first developer to address

Google Page Speed will be a ranking factor in mobile search, starts this July

The sky is a limit for Google to bring trending technology into the market. It has always proved to be the best and will continue doing so for years and years. Google’s debut in 2018 would be

James Damore and Charles Johnson Filed Lawsuit on Same Day against Google and Twitter for Discrimination Respectively:

James Damore is one of the former employees of the tech giant company Google fired for raising his questions against the diversity policies of the company through the medium of a memo. The engineer has now filed

Another Controversy Arises for Uber Technologies Related To distracting Police Raids

There are new revelations made about the ride-hailing giant of using a software system to distract police raids during spring 2015 to late 2016 in different foreign countries. The Uber technology is one of the giant organizations